How We Differ

How We Differ

Natural Products Consulting Corp. provides complete and comprehensive consulting services that help companies achieve their regulatory requirements for the Canadian marketplace.

We differ in the following key ways

Our People

It’s very easy to say “we’re the best” or “we’re the premier consultants” or “we’re number one” but they are only words.  All that counts is solid results.  (A good solid relationship with our clientele is thrown in for good measure)

Our superb team has produced over 6,500 Canadian licences for well over 450 clients world-wide. These numbers are increasing daily and as we said, results are the measure of success.
When our clients keep coming back because our people treat them with respect and most importantly with extensive knowledge, it’s the formula for success…. for our clients and for Natural Products Consulting Corp.

Our Experience

Almost 60 years of regulatory experience

When you’ve grown up under Health Canada’s DIN process that has been in place in the 1930’s, and when you have needed to use their services, you tend to understand the thinking of government when it comes to regulatory requirements. Mr. Pasen, at the age of 19 almost 60 years ago needed to register the products that his family sold in Canada.  He became quite excellent in finding ways of staying within the law and still be able to market products successfully.  As time went on and natural products were becoming much more popular and the regulations for foods or drugs simply didn’t cover the products that were being offered for sale, the regulations needed overhauling.  Mr. Pasen was in the thick of this transformation into regulations that were appropriate.  Now, 60 years later, over 70,000 natural products are licenced for legal sale in Canada.  Almost 10% of these were a direct result of Mr. Pasen’s work.

Our Process

Unique to the industry

computer-workWe use our own extremely sophisticated, custom proprietary electronic application creation system to complete license applications. This provides a more streamlined submission process, improves document and data management and decreases the amount time needed to produce an application by 35 to 50%. This custom process also reduces the costs involved in completing a successful submission. This is a much better way of doing things and achieving results.