Site Licences

Site Licences

A “Site Licence” is issued to CANADIAN importers, manufacturers, packagers and labellers, when they can provide sufficient evidence of procedures or processes that comply with Canadian Good Manufacturing Practices.

The company must provide evidence through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that proper processes are in place; including receiving natural health products, a clean premises with a good sanitation program, an up to date recall system in place, among others, all with good records and GMP procedures.

In the case of manufacturers, packagers and labellers, equipment and a record of their maintenance and calibration is required (if appropriate).

Natural Products Consulting Corp has obtained and maintains well over 100 Site Licences for our clients.  If your company requires acceptable SOPs, we can supply ones that fit your individual company needs.

Site Licences are presently renewed annually for the first three years. After that, they are renewed and valid for two years.  The third cycle is that once the first seven years have passed, they are valid for three years.

There is no government fee for obtaining a Site Licence or for renewing one.

If you are a company outside Canada, please refer to FOREIGN SITE REFERENCE NUMBERS