Steps to Obtaining a Site Licence

Steps to Obtaining a Site Licence

We have simplified the process of completing a site licence application and obtaining a site license from the Natural and Non-Prescription Health Products Directorate (NNHPD) into eight steps.

More detail on each follows:

Step 1:

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you (yours or ours) so that you can be assured that anything we discuss remains strictly confidential. Eventually some of the information will be part of the application process to Health Canada but they are the only people outside of ourselves to which anything will be disclosed.

Step 2:

You identify who your Canadian importer is – and if they do not already have a site license, we work with the company to obtain one. This involves proving GMP compliance, usually through a Quality Assurance Report providing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and executed records. If your importer does not have SOPs, we can provide them for you.

Step 3:

You identify any other entities that will deal with the product (i.e. foreign manufacturers, foreign warehouses, fulfillment centres, etc.). Each of these will have to be annexed onto the importer’s site license so that Health Canada can ensure the product has been manufactured/packaged/labeled/stored in GMP compliant facilities.

Step 4:

Once we understand your site licensing requirements, we will send you an all-inclusive, comprehensive written quotation for the work required. There are no hidden or additional charges. What we quote is all that you will pay.

Step 5:

If your quote is acceptable, we then submit the application to NNHPD for assessment.

Step 6:

We will then issue you an invoice for the amount quoted.

Step 7:

We work with NNHPD and your sites to answer any questions raised during the assessment of the site license.

Step 8:

You get a site license and are now eligible to ship any Licensed Products (products that have been granted a Natural Product Number/NPN) from your manufacturing and/or warehousing sites to your Canadian importer.