What We Offer

What We Offer : Complete NHP Consulting Services

We provide a comprehensive list of services to make certain that your products comply with the proper Canadian Regulations and that you have proper distribution in Canada.

Product Licences

A product licence – Natural Product Number (NPN) is a manditory license granted to all natural health products in Canada. It approves the formula as well as any associated claims/cautions/directions. Click here for more information on NPNs

Site Licences

A “Site Licence” is issued to CANADIAN importers, manufacturers, packagers and labellers, when they can provide sufficient evidence of procedures or processes that comply with Canadian Good Manufacturing Processes. Click here for more information on Site Licences

Foreign Site Reference Numbers

Since the authority of Health Canada ends at our borders, they cannot issue licences to companies outside of Canada but they do have the authority to make certain that the products entering Canada comply with our regulatory requirements.  They accomplish this by having the “foreign” company supply appropriate documentation (similar to what is required to receive a Site Licence). Click here for more in Foreign Site Reference Numbers

International Trade Certificates

Many countries that you may wish to export to require proof that a product holds a Canadian licence from Health Canada in order for them to accept it into their country. Health Canada used to issue International Trade Certificates however they no longer do so and have granted Natural Products Consulting Corp, the right to issue them. As an additional benefit, we notarize each ITC, which is included in the cost. Please call us for a quotation on fees as they can differ, depending on the quantity or it we had already handled the product registration since all of the material is in our computer system.


Presently the only requirement for foods is to comply with labelling regulations. New regulation is coming and is in the final stages that will require importers of foods to obtain an importer license. We will be handling this process once it becomes law.

Temporary Marketing Authorizations (TMAs)

If a food-type product has unapproved fortification or added caffeine, it may need a temporary market authorization (TMA) from the Food Directorate of Health Canada. This grants the product a temporary pass onto the Canadian market until the regulations can catch up to the exception and make it fully legal. We handle this process.

Cosmetic Regulation Compliance

Cosmetics are beauty aids or grooming aids. They do not need registration however they must be notified to Health Canada and comply with Canadian labelling requirements. There is a “hot list” of unacceptable ingredients which sometimes includes the limit of certain potencies. The potencies of the ingredients remain secret but the various ranges e.g. (60 – 90% etc.) are shown on the notification form but not on the label. We have very reasonable fees for this service.


Canada is an officially bi-lingual country, with approximately one-third of the population as either totally or partially French speaking. The French that is spoken in Quebec is not exactly like that which is spoken in France. Our English-to-French translators have worked for the Quebec provincial government and supply proper Québécois French translations.

Natural Health Products Ingredients Database

To submit an application, each of your ingredients must be listed as an acceptable ingredient in NNHPD’s Natural Health Product Ingredient Database (NHPID). This database only indicates that the ingredient is considered to be natural but does not indicate any approved dosages or associated claims. If your ingredient is not currently in the database, we can evaluate whether we feel it will be accepted, and apply to have it added for you. Once added, we then need to prove safety and efficacy of any related claims. We do not charge for this service.

Drug Identification Numbers

When products do not fall with the natural product groups (as listed above), they require a different type of licence known as a Drug Identification Number (DIN). This is a much more complicated process and is much more expensive. We handle such applications.

North American Manufacturers

With well over 50 years of experience in the natural products industry in North America, we have made many evaluations of manufacturing facilities. Should you require a North American manufacturer of natural products, we can suggest appropriate companies to fill your requirements. This applies to pharmaceutical products as well.

Canadian or US Distributors

We will connect you with the appropriate distributors in Canada or the USA, depending on your product offering.